Adult Visitors


You can upgrade your visit to the collections of Goriški muzej by making a prior arrangement for an expertly guided tour. Curators of Goriški muzej will be guiding you through the collections. The content and duration of guided tours are adapted to the wishes of individual groups; they can also be carried out in the English and Italian language. For further details, consult the price list.


The Regional Museum Goriški muzej began regular museum lectures in 2000. Tuesday Nights at the Museum were designed and organised by Director mag. Slavica Plahuta. The lectures were carefully planned and highly professional. The lectures and book presentations were continued by the next director, Andrej Malnič; afterwards, that segment of the andragogical activities of Goriški muzej was taken over by Curator mag. Inga Miklavčič Brezigar. After her retirement, Curator dr. Marko Klavora became the head of this programme; he and his colleagues are continuing the highly professional organisation and implementation of Tuesday Nights at the Museum.

From the very beginning, the aim was to cover all historical periods and various fields of social science. In recent years, the selection of fields has been expanded with nature conservation topics, which the audience has embraced.


Film-Themed June is a traditional event held by Goriški muzej, which has been taking place on Tuesday nights in the month of June since 2010. It is intended for showing audiovisual works that present the cultural heritage of the Goriška region. It is devoted to a different theme each year. This way we come to know diverse types of intangible heritage on the one hand, and the possibilities and different styles of working with an audiovisual medium on the other. It is organised by the Department of Audiovisual Documentation and Presentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage; the programme is overseen by mag. Darja Skrt.


Each July, Goriški muzej, in cooperation with Kud Morgan from Nova Gorica, holds lectures on music on Tuesday nights. The lectures are held by music editors, poets, musicians, music lovers and collectors of vinyl records on their favourite musical topic, while playing vinyl records. In addition to the lectures there is a fair of used and new vinyl records.


Each August, Goriški muzej, in cooperation with Kud Morgan from Nova Gorica, holds a festival of ethnic world music. Each time, first-class Slovenian and foreign musicians line up on stage in front of Kromberk Castle; they fuse their knowledge and personal expression with elements of traditional local music, thus creating unique musical expressions.

The market Delicacies of the World forms a part of the festival; it offers a wide selection of produce and products from the Goriška region.