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Od 14 Dec 2023 do 28 Sep 2024
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Kromberk Castle Od 29 Nov 2023 do 14 Apr 2024

Vanja Mervič is a painter by training, but he uses different artistic techniques, since each idea has its own specific way of expression. In his works he addresses themes that concern the world beyond the visible layers of materiality, both the microstructure of matter and the world of the immaterial, of ideas, thoughts and energy. His artistic practice is thus connected to the modern scientific and material vision of the world but at the same time tends towards the primordial, the eternal, the inexplicable, which goes beyond the material.

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DYNAMISM OF THE MATTER – retrospective exhibition

Kromberk Castle Od 9 Nov 2023 do 14 Apr 2024

The exhibition is dedicated to the sculptor Marcello Mascherini (Udine, 1906–Padua, 1983), 40 years after his death, with a corpus of bronzes, sketches and etchings, but also photographs, original documentation and his work tools.

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Od 14 Apr 2023 do 14 Apr 2024
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GO S50-60

Kromberk Castle Od 12 Apr 2022 do 31 Oct 2024

Exhibition "GO S50-60: City and Residents in the 1950s and 1960s" is based on a photographic collection held by the Ethnology Department of The Regional Museum Goriški muzej. The main source is the archive of the Photo Studio Pavšič Zavadlav, supplemented by the photographs of Mirko Ličen - Prepih and photographs contributed by the city's residents as part of the initiative "Building the City", which we carried out in 2016 in the »France Bevk Public Library« in collaboration with the Provincial Archives of Nova Gorica.