Anna Pontel

ANNA PONTEL. Hommáge to Zoran Mušič

Kromberk Castle Od 12 Nov 2021 do 31 Mar 2022

The Italian artist Anna Pontel from Udine presents herself to the Slovenian public with two projects: sculptures and drawings from the Pet items cycle are on display at the Gong Gallery in Nova Gorica, and the installation Hommáge to Zoran Mušič at the Kromberk Castle, which includes the works by Zoran Mušič from the museum collection in Dobrovo.

1 Pomlad, 2012, Akril, Platno, 58 X  60,5 Cm

Franc Golob

Kromberk Castle Od 19 Jun 2021 do 3 Apr 2022

Over the decades, Franc Golob has moved in a wide media field: from painting, graphic design, photography, video, to classical and computer graphics, his artistic personality has been shaped even by activism and artistic events. When we discover and recognize his development from (pre) study beginnings to the end of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, which took place within classical art practices, to a bold postgraduate entry into the field of extended media (photography, graphic design, video …), where he operated for more than a decade, and his returning to painting, is not enough to focus on a single point.

Goriski Muzej Dom V Prazgodovini

The Home in Prehistoric Times. Interior of an Early Iron Age House in the Posočje Region

Kromberk Castle Od 20 Jun 2020 do 19 Jun 2022

The archaeological remains from researched settlements reveal what a late prehistoric home was like, what the interiors of houses looked like, and which activities were practised in them. There are many known settlements from the Early Iron Age (9th-4th century BC) in the vast area shaped by the flow of the Soča River and its tributaries, but most of them are poorly researched. One exception is the settlement in Most na Soči, where more than 30 houses have been discovered.