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Preserve the Past, Stop Time for Today and Tomorrow

On the second floor of Villa Bartolomei in Solkan, one can see the exhibition Preserve the Past, Stop Time for Today and Tomorrow (Ohraniti preteklost, ustaviti čas za danes in jutri). In 2007, this exhibition presenting the activity of conservator-restorers was upgraded and improved with the help of digital technology, which takes visitors on a dynamic and innovative tour of the exhibited content. With the help of lighting, graphic material and video content, the virtual guide gives the visitor all the necessary information on the procedures and principles of the conservation and restoration of objects. Visitors, whose interest has been further piqued, can delve in-depth into various contents with the use of a smartphone or tablet to read more than 30 QR codes which take them to additional multimedia content. This content can also be viewed on a computer. This way, Goriški muzej takes those groups of visitors who feel closer to digital media than museum objects behind the scenes of museum work.