Escape room

Soba pobega Na ševerc!

The year is 1982. You were stopped at the border; they’re convinced you’re smuggling, that is secretly carrying something across the border. They lock you in the interrogation room from which you must escape. You take on the role of a smuggler who has to find the solution with the help of riddles, hidden artefacts and logical associations in order to open the door to freedom.

Duration: 30 minutes

No. of players: 2–3

Price: 2 players €15, 3 players €20

Must book at least 3 days in advance at:

Soba pobega Na ševerc!

Collaborators on this project include Radoš Bolčina, Michele Di Bartolomeo, Gorazd Jakomini and Luka Ličar, to whom we would like to extend our sincerest thanks.